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Help my friend win an Ipad!

Everyone please help my good friend win and Ipad by going here and then clicking the thumbs up!

Click this thumbs up button:

Please Tweet and post about it, it would be much appreciated!


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Hello cazmos. Updates came and here they are:

T Shirt Contest Votes:

On Planet Cazmo, theres a voting poll in the newspaper to see which T Shirt you like from the contest. You can rate the Shirt 5 stars as maximum, and 1 star minimum. If alot of people vote 5 stars for one certain shirt, it might come up in the shops.

NEW Cazmo of the Week:

The NEW cazmo of the Week is sniper rifle13. Congratulations man! Hope you enjoy your throne and your reward while on cazmo.


Before, in the newspaper, the weather icon on the top only had sun. But now, it has a cloud blocking part of the sun.

Hot Deals:

There are some NEW Hot Deals in the Newspaper, check it out.


The NEW Gift from the PCAP is… Baggy Red Pants.

NEW Mod Gift;

The NEW Mod Gift is the Vote O Rama t shirt. I dont have a picture of it, but heres the description, it ois a gray shirt with the Logo saying Vote O Rama.

School Gyrls Concert:

Also, if you attended the concert, as you all know, you get a ticket. Heres what the ticket looks like:

Thats all for now!

~ JC


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Juice Boxes ;D

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Planet Cazmo updates and Savannah Outen Concert!

New mod gift and items:

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NEW Author!

Hello cazmos. Im Neon Knights posting here. I am a new author on TheMick777s site. I will be posting daily and accurately. Thanks for adding me to this blog TheMick. Also, if you want to what my appearance looks like on Planet Cazmo, you can look below:

You can always find me on Beatstreet at Town Square or at my house. If you want to request me, you can, dont worry I dont bite!

~ Neon Knights ~

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Surprise for all of you….

I have a little surprise for all of you out there………I will be making a visit to Planet Cazmo soon! There is no set date yet and there is a even bigger surprise that I will not say yet 😉 I can’t wait to see everyone! We will sure have a gigantic party too! I have so much to talk about with all of you!




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