The PCH Army

Even though my previous blog was cancelled I am carrying out the PCH. PCH stands for Planet Cazmo Helpers. The duties of the PCH are:

1. Answer any questions other Cazmos have

2. Keep Planet Cazmo clean and safe by not swearing or using bad language

3. Hang out with friends and other members

Please leave a comment if you would like to join. The current members are:



Pauguin (MR. Invisable)





Tyler H




28 responses to “The PCH Army

  1. daballer

    can i join the blog with u as a admin

  2. I would like to join the army! thanks and awesome site!!!

  3. Heatblast237

    I want to be an authour! PLEASE

  4. doubledrad

    HEY Mickz sup man. id like to join da army.

    — Mr. Invisible 😉 (pauguin)

  5. Ill Join The Pch Army Thanks Mick ~Flare1998~ P.s.Everyone Visit my Site! Heres A link

  6. Medner!

    Hey mick! i would love to join the army!


  7. blade001

    i would like to join plssss…..

  8. Tyler H

    I will join my cazmo name is Tyler H I went to your party

  9. can i be an admin for your blog i can make videos for you i have a demo site you click the videos page and thats what it will look like but i will put more time in to it. It will make this website even more popular here is the link

  10. fungi160

    AWESOME! I wish i was in some kind of team so i can be approved… I will join ya! I have helped…5 people so far…=.=’

  11. Felex

    i wanna be in the pch army plz thanx sooo much the mick

  12. thanx for putting me up! can i join?

  13. cazmotips

    Army? Planet Cazmo Helpers? Army?

  14. 7irishlad07

    hey mick can you add me to the list?

  15. Hey, Nice Site, Im Tyler H Can You Please Add Me To Your Blogroll And Then Comment On My Site Saying That You Did And Ill Add Yours To Mine, Thanks And Have A Nice Day…
    ~Tyler H~

  16. latonflame

    Hi Im latonflame and on my site it shows my picture. I would Like to join please i beg you. NOT AS A SITE AUTHOR as the army thing. Please Please oh and please.


  17. Keane19


    It is Keane19 here iwould like to join PCH. I am kind and helpful, and care for Planet Cazmo!!!!

  18. Pcap Romani

    Me!! Plz i want to be a Helper!

    ~pcap Romani

  19. can i join the pch army 😀

  20. yo yo me me i wanna be in army

  21. Hero981

    is this an army?

  22. I have an army to i’ll chanllenge you to a war but not yet my army need alot more people in a week or so I may have like 20 and once i get more i’ll challenge yea.

  23. Это уже боян, а не тема

    здесь видел ет

  24. Can i join my username is Bryden

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